We are CoinCross club, the community of web3 builders.

We know that for startups, especially those in the early stages, it is extremely important to get the right contacts in order to grow and gain investment.

Feedback and new business partnerships will move your business forward smoother.

For Investors

Step by step

  1. Describe your project or idea.
  2. Fill in your needs.
  3. Network on Discord CoinCross club server.
  4. Find new partners and advisors.
  5. Meet investors.
  6. Get an investment.
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How it Works

Fill in the information about your project that will be public for the community and add information that should be available only to investors (such as investment conditions, pitch deck attachments, etc.), it’s up to you.

Network and find an advisor (if you need), you will challenge your idea and improve the pitch deck, product, strategy. When you feel ready we will notify investors about your project. If the project interests them, they will contact you.

If you successfully get the investment, you will pay small commission on a successfully obtained investment ticket. Simple, transparent and win win approach.

The commission for a successful investment is 2% of the obtained investment. You pay the commission as soon as you successfully receive the investment.

For Investors

We will filter new opportunities for you

Tell us something about yourself, prove that you are an investor and we will inform you about new startups on Telegram or Discord server.

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For Advisors

Support startups, make business development

Create a profile, describe your areas of expertise. Add the method of cooperation, expectations, hourly rate or interest in longer-term cooperation. Agree on terms with the startup, CoinCross will receive a commission from a possible successful investment. You do not pay any fees.

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