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Funding stage: Seed   |  Status: Active development + second private sale B  |  Valuation: $N/A

Alteration is a next-gen, play-to-earn NFT game that transports players into the ever expansive world of Alterra. Set in a futuristic cyberpunk dystopia, the world of Alterra is steeped in lore and backstory. Players can explore multiple environments and storylines. This game implements elements of dynamic combat and RPGs with a twist of Norse mythology. Fast-paced and strategic gameplay paired with a breathtaking hand-drawn world leaves players immersed an engaged.

Alteration has a large array of NFTs that players can use to gain an advantage in PvE & PvP battles – riches rain with the gentlest touches from the winds of fortune.

What makes Alteration stand out is the use of Natural Language Generation AI into many aspects of the game, truly bringing the world to life, and writing dynamic situational based stories to keep players exploring and probing the world for more pieces of story.

Founder message:

We are currently in the second private sale round and are open for investment talks. We are looking for experts in fields of marketing, game development and blockchain. Explore Alteration and if you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact me.

Damian (Managing Director of Alteration.io)


Funding stage: Pre-seed   |  Status: Looking for seed investor  |  Valuation: $N/A

TrustINwine uses NFTs to solve provenance issues and transport risks in a growing wine investment market. By using bottle-backed NFTs, wineries can reach investors with fewer intermediaries, higher profits, and earn royalties on the secondary market.

TrustINwine differentiates itself from other wine-based NFT competition through using the natural utility of blockchain, and creating a perfect synergy between a stabile investment asset and a younger tech-savvy audience.

Founder message:

We are open for early stage investment to expand our team, including dedicated content creators, social media experts, and experienced community builders.

Oliver Mann (Founder of TRUSTIN.WINE)